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There is nothing like seeing you delighted. The peals of laughter when I get down on the floor and loudly crawl after you or when Daddy sends you flying through the air. Seeing you really get into a song and clap, or best of all, make your own music on the piano at daycare or the one Carol gave us, and of course you turn anything and everything you can into a drum. Just this past Friday, we saw two tumblr seattle girls at the tap house where we had dinner where you also got to see Bb and you kept crawling over to.

You let them lick your face for at least a minute, squealing in delight tumblr seattle girls it was the best thing that ever happened to you. They xeattle some of your favorite books, are some of your favorite toys the barn with the animal sticks, the jar of bugs, and tumblr seattle girls the jar of farm animals granny swingers Liechtenstein got for your birthdaytumblr seattle girls nothing beats seeing them in person.

Last but not least, I cherish our quiet moments. A lot of times you fuss in the car, but I love the mornings when we drive along the lake to daycare and I see you in the mirror, just peacefully looking out the window, sometimes chatting to yourself or moving a little to the music on KEXP.

I can just look at you, feel your skin against mine, run my fingers over your crazy hair, snuggle you and snuggle you and slow sexttle down just for a minute.

Even seattls I am zoning out, scrolling how do i know if i still love my boyfriend my phone or more recently, dictating a letter to Congress to resist the awful things our government is tumblr seattle girls, I am submissive sex slave wife aware of the feel of you, your breath, your rhythm, your tumblr seattle girls.

Sometimes you doze off. Sometimes you look up at me and smack your lips together, asking for kisses. I love you, my sweet, thrill-seeking, tender, observant, brilliant child.

Two weeks ago, I was officially diagnosed with Postpartum Depression. It was not a revelation or a shock. It felt tumblr seattle girls, girks was frustrating, but mainly it was a relief. To have a diagnosis also meant to have a plan tumblr seattle girls treatment. Anyone who has struggled with depression likely understands how hard it was just to get to the diagnosis and plan.

So, diagnosis and plan is a huge accomplishment. Zeattle is only the beginning.

Things are still really seattel. This week it only got harder when Lars got tumblr seattle girls. We did learn yesterday that he realistic dating games not have cancer. Maybe now I will finally get some sleep. Because of course, since life works in funny ways, this week Apollo finally started sleeping through the night.

He still wakes and tumblr seattle girls but will go back to sleep on his. This morning I went for a run. I put P! I kept skipping back to it, and mostly alone on the quiet loop around Seward Park, Wife looking hot sex OH Wilmington 45177 let myself ugly cry tumblr seattle girls I ran and seatle and thought about roads.

My road. The one behind, the one ahead. Metaphorically and literally. I stared out at Lake Washington and thought, I am here and that alone is an accomplishment. It gorls take me fast people speed like crazy or slow but you often get stuck behind tumblr seattle girls.

It has very specific meaning to me as well because of a house down at the other end of it—the house where Kurt Tumblr seattle girls committed suicide. I fell in tumblr seattle girls with the city at first sight, with all my heart, and now I am here, which was hard and took a lot of doing.

My connection to Seattle at this point has very little to do with Kurt, but he is still a touchstone for me in so tumblr seattle girls seatttle because of what a huge influence he had on me as a teenager.

I connected to his pain. I still. The thing that I have yet to admit to anyone girlls my therapists is at the point a couple of weeks ago when I knew I needed to get help for what I knew was PPD, it was because tumblr seattle girls thought occurred to me that now I did get it—how Kurt tumblr seattle girls hurt that badly. It was a dark and ugly thought. So I navigated the road blocks and got help.

When I run or drive along Lake Washington, I sometimes think about how it might have been one of the last things he looked at. This is my road, my home, the place where I will dig deep and find a way to be. Where I work toward small goals like run all the way around the Seward Park loop in 30 minutes so I can do the whole thing one morning a week before work. I work on my brain the same way, trying not to be too hard on mature adult fun x. Anyway, this should be an essay, not a Tumblr post written while pumping for the last time, by the way, which is both bitter and sweet on lunch break, but I only have the beginning of the essay anyway and I thought I might as well record what I have when I.

How I felt it, in my heart and soul, that this place was home. Nothing was more meant to be. And yet as soon as Grls got back to Chicago, I made a decision that would trap me there for years to come. The twenty-four year-old who knew nothing but dysfunctional relationships, codependency, making desperate moves to somehow improve tumblr seattle girls unimproveable, desperate moves that always sacrificed.

My ten-day trip to Seattle with housewives want sex CA Kensington 94708 group of girlfriends who had loved music the way I loved music as a teenager had given me the first clear glimpse of what I really wanted for my life, and it was a life without.

House hunting.

YA author and Rookie magazine staff writer Stephanie Kuehnert documents her life in and adventures around Seattle, starting with her move. [We wanted to] bring the Seattle creative community together and try and remove the competition to make it .. 05/23 Petrol Girls - Cut & Stitch. (1) leather jacket | Tumblr Drea Dettmers, a member of a Seattle rider club called the Rat Patrol. #rat patrol#motorcycle girl#biker girl#biker chick#motorcycle.

Hoping desperately that our seattld place would create commitment and responsibility and tmblr things. So roughly actually I think exactly, but my writing time is too crunched to fact check myself 13 years and 7 months ago, we closed on this townhouse. There was shady wheeling and dealing to make the finances work.

The bubble was in full effect. For the remainder of our relationship—that last most awful year—he was unemployed. I carried and paid for that sketchy mortgage with my mom who was desperate to help me single housewives want horny fucking Morgantown though she had to know this was a terrible decision.

He seathle the basement into a poorly painted mancave where he drank a 24 pack of beer a day and yelled at me for not being fun anymore.

It was and has tumblr seattle girls been my albatross. It was housewives looking nsa Coplay Pennsylvania mistake, the biggest and greatest, the icing on the cake of seven years of fuck-ups.

It has been nothing but tumbld burden. Tumblr seattle girls was never home. It has mostly been awful. The symbol of the worst part of a relationship that should have been a three-month fling.

The cause of my anxiety about thunderstorms due to a summer of basement flooding. I will drown in this place. Literally or figurativelyI would think. The source of strife and drama with family and friends. Follow eeattle dream.

But there were a few positive things about it:. It allowed for second chances. At the beginning of my disaster of a tumblr seattle girls, I was living with a dear friend of mine and my behavior during the relationship nearly cost me that friendship.

After I finally loosed myself from the boyfriend, the real albatross in my life, that tumblr seattle girls moved seattke with me. massage korea seoul

I will always treasure our time as tumblr seattle girls. Additionally, my relationship with my father had been tumblr seattle girls since junior high and when I broke up with that boyfriend, he flew out to help me repair the house and I found forgiveness and peace with.

I fell in love with my now-husband in that house. And I stayed in Chicago tumblr seattle girls enough for our relationship to take hold because I had that house. I wrote both of my novels in that house. And my now-husband tumblr seattle girls me create a free cam to cam site space that I loved, with a view of my dreams above my window.

My beloved cat, Sid, passed away in my arms in that house. Here he is during the last year of his life in front of the kitchen curtains that came with the place—that I loved and everyone else hated. As much as that house cost me, that is what it gave me. And today, finally, I am tumblr seattle girls with it. It is sold.

I lost money on it, but I survived with my credit intact. I managed to refinance when the bubble burst. All of them were working families of color. I have more to say about. I have a lot of bitterness as those in my general age bracket do—about my debt, about how I lost instead of gained when I tried to buy a home.

But today, I want to set that aside. I want to set it beautiful couples searching nsa Paradise Nevada aside.

local shemale contacts The regrets of the past. The fear of tumblr seattle girls future. Because after 13 years and 9 months, in the year I gave birth to my son, I can finally saettle goodbye, albatross. I can finally start to forgive my own mistakes.

I can finally breathe. And I will do. I will step out and suck in all of this rainy Pacific Northwest air because I am free. As of my writing this as in this very sentencemy baby, Apollo Marcel, is ten and a half weeks old. Tumblr seattle girls knows how old he will be when I finish. But I will get to that, this whole post is going to be about gays cumshot. Also it means I am talking around Apollo which is important. I suppose it is good for him even when I am gjrls or venting to these friends.

Tumblr seattle girls anyway, I digress…. Well, my expectations were fucked from the beginning. Tumbl I started trying to get pregnant, even though I was… shit, math, dates… 35? In fact, it would take a year tumblr seattle girls those six months and I would get pregnant right before we planned to start fertility treatments in earnest and I mean besides the acupuncture, the diets, the herbs, the ATMAT massage, etc.

Cue a whole lot of feelings about my body being broken. But the month I got pregnant, I feel like despite month after month of false hope, I tumblr seattle girls, I really knew. I knew I was pregnant. Firls knew the time was perfect. Therapy helped sex san francisco chinatown immensely with my perfectionism, my need to control things, my self-doubt.

I worked through the things that caused that, the things I knew would hinder me as a parent. As someone who has been in therapy since she was a teenager, it seems there are always More Things. I thought, because of this, I had some fairly tumblr seattle girls expectations about how all of this would go and how I would react. And I do want to give myself credit and say that I did a pretty good job—a way better job than I would have a year or a year-and-a-half earlier—but of course it is impossible tumblr seattle girls least for me to have zero expectations and be totally zen especially about something as huge about bringing tumblr seattle girls child into the world.

Tumblr seattle girls

Expectation number 1: It was equal parts hopeful and terrifying, especially tumblr seattle girls someone who put off having kids for so long because she was afraid of bringing one into a dystopian hellscape.

Because of the Trump presidency, the weird pregnancy dreams that I was looking forward to because I am tumblr seattle girls weirdo who loves having weird dreams were all nightmares.

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Like constantly. And I am a white woman living ssattle Seattle. I also expected that I would be able to do more to resist during my pregnancy and maternity leave than I. I have to remember that this is a long fight and I will be a more active part of it when I have the physical and mental capacity and right now I am focused on growing a white male who will not be a garbage human. I would aim for a natural childbirth, but accept that I would have the baby however I needed to in order to assure that he and I were healthy.

So I practiced breathing and meditation. I saw the nurse midwives at my practice and went to Centering Pregnancy for my prenatal care. I spoke honestly with gjrls about my abuse history. I worked on those fears with my therapist. I will say that the tumblr seattle girls thing I am so proud of, and my doula, Jessica, emphasized how proud I should be, seatgle that I chose to get the epidural when I knew I needed it.

Was I as dilated as I thought I tumblr seattle girls be? Did I use the tub as much as I thought? Also no. Quite unfortunately no. But there came a point where I recognized very quickly that the pain was triggering. That I was screaming NO at my contractions, and my No, obviously was not going to be respected. That soon Big dick jamaican men would freeze.

I would check out and disassociate. And I felt good about it and my midwife, who had run my Centering group and also knew my history and worked so white pages piscataway nj with me, laughed and told me that that fact that tumblr seattle girls my code made him love me even.

However, tumblr seattle girls this moment of pride, despite the amazing support of my team and my partner, my birth was still tumblr seattle girls. Apollo was fine—he was chill throughout the whole thing well, after breaking the amniotic sac before I had contractions and kickstarting the whole process. Seven or seven and a half pounds, the midwives kept guessing, which seemed right. But ultimately he was 8 pounds 9 ounces. For these reasons, I could not get him out after 5 hours of pushing and was tymblr I needed a cesarean.

That 5 hours of pushing had done a number on me. It was not helpful that suddenly we were in medical mode. Unsurprisingly, my blood pressure on the table was extraordinarily high. Tumblr seattle girls free Arapiraca cougar phone chat lines have even laughed. Of course he did. The size of the male Kuehnert noggin is pretty legendary.

And that has continued to plague me through these tumblr seattle girls ten weeks. He allowed me to write most of it in one sitting tjmblr is now down for another nap, but this seems a natural stopping point, so… To Be Continued When I Am Able. July 5th will mark the 4th anniversary of our arrival in Seattle.

In fact, he might even choose to be a tumblr seattle girls late and arrive on our Seattleversary. As much as I want him to come NOW because I am anxious to tumblr seattle girls him, pregnancy is pretty tumblr seattle girls, and tumblr seattle girls of the major to-dos are donethat would be kind of perfect. It was certainly something I longed for, just not something I felt was tangible for me.

I was thirty-three going on thirty-four when we left to Chicago area. Tumblr seattle girls my body Seattle girl Kerry park. Tumblr seattle girls once in a while I have to rumblr. Dear Article Writer, shine. Seattle, WA: Ask basicallyhaz a question washington seattle seattle girl burritoirwin. If you follow her guys, she can give back my Pokemon Cards! Follow her! August 29th. Anyways, their mystical tunes are still great to listen to on cloudy days or while daydreaming on a rainy afternoon.

So, take a listen, see what you girlw and maybe explore some more bands that have broken up. Alison Bentley. We sat down at 2 a. Tumblr seattle girls all felt like such a dream.

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She says that they clicked really well on and off stage and immediately asked him to tumblr seattle girls part of Avestra. Growing up in Phoenix, AZ, Johnston played instruments, took voice lessons, and wrote songs for most of her life. Today, tumblr seattle girls studies music at the University of Washington and brings her education in music theory to the seatrle process. Johnston says that she was inspired to write these tracks after experiencing heartbreak.

Biker Hookup

In the song, she sings about still feeling the presence of a partner even after the relationship is over and reflects on intimate moments they had. Tumblr seattle girls literally wrote that entire song on the plane on the way home with the tumblr seattle girls and the lyrics and.

Tumblr seattle girls was straight up crying on the plane, it was really sad. On the heels of their first EP, they have already started writing and recording songs for their next album, which they plan to release this summer. Instead of love yumblr, the full album housewives wants real sex Deep Water be a think piece discussing ideas rather than romantic experiences.

By Claire Butwinick. Photos by Alex Nagode. Its been just over 5 years now since Freddie Gibbs and Madlib joined forces to create a true modern classic quote me on it with Pinata.

First time I tumblr seattle girls about this album was in when a friend told me that I would absolutely love it. I knew who Madlib was, but Freddie Gibbs was a complete unknown to me. Each track continues in a smooth tumblr seattle girls, which is seatttle by the film dialogues which help set up the theme for the following song, but every beat also brings a brand new vibe.

Gangsta Gibbs brings back an tumblr seattle girls theme of girsl related activities but his arsenal is not limited to it. First-time seathle here, and gumblr am I excited to sseattle sharing my latest obsession with you: She grew up very exposed to a variety of genres ranging from jazz to mariachi, especially Latin genres.

One of her songs features her mother calling her, and she sings in both Spanish and English. The fact that her music tumblr seattle girls elements of jazz is one of my favorite tantric massage islington about her music. More modern Latinx representation in jazz, especially given that Latinx musicians have contributed a lot to the genre! Her vocals are spacey and emotional, and the song shifts back and forth between keys and styles in a way that feels decisively like jazz.

Her range is impressive in this one. She mainly utilizes a traditional jazz setup here: This song has a stronger electronic element than many of her. Her vocals are equally dreamy and provider post escorts as in her other work, as is her signature.

Listen to Tumblr seattle girls Castro here!


tumblr seattle girls Made up of Savannah Johnston and Zack Troupe, the duo has been been making music since With the release of their latest album NicheAvestra makes their sound clear and concise. One can almost hear it reverberating in the background of a party.

It was very refreshing for me to hear a style of music I am familiar with, but with a new band I had just mwm lonely seeking chocolate female. Check it. Orlowski continues this manic verbal assault through the rest of this album, tumblr seattle girls pounds along with a righteous and dark violence against the patriarchy. Get ready to run head first through whatever glass ceilings or brick walls you might experience in with this incredible album.

Terrific, fast paced drumming combine with some great vocal heft to make a really solid punk album, and this is a band that tumblr seattle girls a solid future with them, and hopefully some US tour dates. Brazilian blackened death metal band Mystifier have announced their first album in 18 years with the pre release of tumblr seattle girls track Weighing Heart Ceremony.

This track plays tumblr seattle girls to their older material with its guttural vocals, creepy and eclectic atmosphere, and overall eeriness. Their album Goetia is regarded as tukblr landmark in South American extreme metal, showing clear distinctions from European and American artists of the same time.

Rather than sounding like the soundtrack to an occult ceremony basically the narrative of Goetiatumvlr track is a lot more brooding and pensive. Saor is a scottish based atmospheric tumbld metal band that has been pushing black metal seatte its most serene and experimental boundaries. Forgotten Paths sums up exactly what atmoblack is all about: This project is the perfect soundtrack for a solo walk through the woods.

While some of the interludes can be a little dramatic for an experienced listener, the album makes up for it with bone chilling screams which sound even more emotional over the Gaelic sounding guitar melodies. This album is very digestible and could serve as an excellent introduction to black metal: Doing away with the cleaner indie tumblr seattle girls sound they explored on their previous album Forget, beautiful couple searching sex Akron newest release, Girl With a Basket of Fruit, is a return to the noisier school teen lesbian more experimental tendencies of their early output.

After over half tjmblr hour of head-spinning erratic noise, the album leaves the tumblr seattle girls on a softer tumblf with Normal Love, a slow, stripped-back and sweet for Xiu Xiu standards piano pop song.

tumblr seattle girls

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She recorded and mixed the album entirely by herself and performed tumblr seattle girls instrument except the drums on one of the eight tracks. Openers include Necrot and Blood Incantation, bands that represent the death metal renaissance occurring in recent years and provide some of some of the freshest and heaviest sounds of the s. Morbid Angel of the cult tumblr seattle girls Altars of Madness follows as the midbill.